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How to Understand, Start, and Run a Successful Home Based Travel Business

September 25th, 2022

We all have different interests and personalities, interests , abilities, and personalities. We have different weaknesses and strenghts. We also come from all sorts of different circumstances. So it makes sense that not all of us are going to be interested in the same home based business opportunity.

If there was truly ONE business that was for everyone, can you imagine how competitive that field would be? It would be VERY hard for anyone to make any money!

You have probably seen advertisements all over the internet about THE #1 income making opportunity. Don’t get fooled by all the so called ways and opportunity to make easy money. There is no such thing.

That’s where this report comes in. This article is NOT a comprehensive list of reviews of the thousands of home based business ideas out there. It’s an article that tells you some parameters of a good home based business, then discusses the travel industry. We give you the pros and cons both of a job and being in business; we tell you the history of our industry, and then why it’s so good and the place to be right now as it rides two major trends: Travel and the Internet.

I have researched and tried (sometimes failing miserably) many of those businesses, both online and in the real world, BUT, I have found and chosen something that is a legitimate way to make a great income from home. That’s what this is about. It’s a great fit for me, but because you are NOT me and probably have a different personality (thank heaven!), it may not be for you.. and that’s ok. But if you see things as I do, and as is presented here…

The best home based business for ME is a HOME BASED TRAVEL BUSINESS. I know it will also be for many of you.

But other than the fact that I’m just a normal, ordinary guy with no special talents.. and in fact, I’m probably older than most readers at 69 and I started this just last year, this article is not about me. It only points out that about anyone can easily get involved in the home based travel business. This is about YOU and what YOU want from life and your “working hours”, whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, a retiree, or any other category.

How to Get a Travel Cruise Discount

March 22nd, 2022

Cruising is a unique concept which has gained popularity all over the world. Imagine going to bed in one place and waking up in another. If you are fond of beaches then cruising is for you. Getting a travel cruise discount makes it all the better.

When booking a cruise keep in mind that most items are included in the price. You get your room, your meals and most entertainment while onboard. Compare this to a non cruise vacation and you begin to see the value. On a standard vacation you pay for your hotel room then have to pay for your meals and entertainment separately.

When looking for a travel cruise discount it is usually a good idea to book early. Even though you may be tempted to wait for a last minute deal, in most cases these deals fill up fast and unless you live next to the cruise port you will have to book airfare last minute which usually cost more. When booking early you can start looking up to two years before your planned cruise. Look at the actual cruise line website for the best deal. If you find a good travel cruise discount try to book it as soon as possible. You will find that prices can vary from day to day and the low price you see one day may not be repeated.

If you decide to book through a travel agency remember that the agency needs to get a commission. This usually means that they will be slightly higher in price than booking through the cruise line itself. If you are not comfortable booking by yourself then paying a little more may be worth it to you.

When looking for a travel cruise discount sign up for emails from the various cruise lines. Most cruise lines have similar itinerary. Once you have decided what port of calls you would like you can compare the cruise lines and there prices. Usually you can find a similar cruise from various cruise lines with one cruise line being cheaper than the other. Always check to make sure that the price includes the standard cruise items such as room, food and entertainment.

Don’t forget to budget in for non included items. These will usually be your shore excursions, drinks and shopping. On most cruise line websites you can see the various shore excursions the cruise offers along with their cost. If you want to save money on shore excursions you can always book them yourself through the independent website that most excursion companies maintain.

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